Conveyor System - Service & Maintenance

Posted on 8 May 2019

We provide several services for the conveyor belt repairs and maintenance on site like belt splicing of steel cord belts, fabric belts & PVC and other general belt repairs. We can repair most of the damages on the conveyor belts as well as on conveyor system. Our qualified splicing work using high-grade German quality materials ensures high operational security and guarantee. Decades of experience make possible repair of punctures, lengthways tears, crossways breakages or edge damage.

Our skilled technicians provide installation help and assistance in order to ensure perfect work on drum linings, adding linings and incorporating scrapers of all types with the support of GCI product range which includes the necessary rubber materials, tools and devices. As per the request of clients, GCI technicians can assess the conveyor belt damage & other issues etc. on site. In addition to examining damages on site, a competent and technically relevant solutions can be proposed with various options.

GCI is able to supply various types of conveyor belts like standard belt, high impact applications e.g. rocks in primary crushers, high fall height of material, high lump size up to 500 mm and higher, high tear resistant belts, chevron belts of various types. Oil resistant belts consist of the material oil treated fertilizers, crude petroleum, oil coated products, oil coated sand, food grains or oil seeds, etc.

(Picture for Drum Pulley)

There are various types of Rubber Sheets. Belonging to these types are water resistant, soft wear resistant, fire resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant, weather resistant, chemical resistant, commercial resistant, skirt rubber and combi sheets. The thickness of these types can be between 1.5 mm to 50 mm with or without bonding layer. We are able to supply special glue and other repair materials for the maintenance of conveyor belt for our clients.

We deal with genuine spare parts, mainly imported from Europe. We provide spare parts like bearings, impact rollers, impact bars, wipers and accessories, plough wipers for drums, rubber wear elements, lateral rubber guides, belt supporting stations, support rollers and return rollers. GCI designs and fabricates high quality and high performance drum pulley as well as the drum laggings in our sophisticated workshop area. This allows us to deliver bespoke solutions as per client's specific needs and line of business.