German Engineering Drum Pulleys

Posted on 15 April 2019

We are able to supply genuine wear & spare parts, mainly imported from Europe for our Mineral Processing Plants and Bulk Handling Systems. We provide parts like impact rollers, impact bars, bearings, wipers and accessories, plough wipers for drums, rubber belts, rubber wear elements, lateral rubber guides, belt supporting stations, support rollers, return rollers and at least the drum pulley for conveyors and conveyor systems. Conveyor Systems has become an essential equipment for bulk handling industry as it proven that transport with such system is usually over 50 % cheaper than using conventional means of transport, such as trucks. One of essential parts of the Conveyor system are the drum pulleys. Drum pulley is a wheel driven used to deliver force to a machine at a certain speed and torque as it is a means to redirect, drive or to help track the conveyor belt in the conveyor system.

(Picture for Drum Pulley)

Drum pulleys of much higher capacity and durability than standard units are required of high modules and high tension belts. GCI designs and fabricates high quality and high performance drum pulley, incorporation with Quarry Mining LLC, as well as the drum laggings in our sophisticated workshop facility. This allows us to deliver bespoke solutions as per client's specific needs and line of business.

We can fabricate drum pulley up to 1400 mm diameter. Lagging of drum pulley are done by our skilled workers. The quality and type of the rubber belt and strength are specified as per the customer requirements. GCI provides facilities like machining, stress relieving after welding, ultrasonic test, balancing of pulley and installation of new rubber lagging.